Midd OUT Day
The Event

On Wednesday October 27th Middlebury is Coming OUT in an event designed to bring the community together in a celebration of our own unique identities.

In conjunction with (SO) Over the Rainbow Week, Midd OUT Day is an event designed to recognize the power of individual identities, and change the way we think about being "OUT".

The idea for Midd Out Day is to have everyone participate communally in an event that allows each individual to assert that they are comfortable with their own unique identity. Though the phrase "Coming out" is often referred to within the narrative of sexual orientation, our hope is that we can broaden the context in which this statement can be used. By being 'OUT' on Oct 27th individuals have the opportunity to recognize that they have many unique identities. For some, this may mean identifying as straight, gay or anywhere in between, male, female, gender- queer, trans, athlete, poet, Muslim, or Christian. Though this is an event that is part of (SO) Over the Rainbow week, it is not strictly related to the assertion of one's sexual orientation.

With this in mind we encourage everyone who wants to join the movement to wear a T-shirt with "OUT" on the chest on Wednesday Oct 27th. We are going to be making the shirts on Proctor terrace from Sunday Oct 24th to Wednesday Oct 27th, and would love it if you would come and join us! We will provide the T-shirts, the spray paint, and the music to inspire you- all you need to do is come and you can create your own OUT T-shirt. You may also feel free to bring a shirt you already own and would like to spray paint (if you would like keep the members of the SNG happy :)

Our hope is that through this event we can expand the concept of what being OUT can mean, and encourage people to think about their own identities.

So come and make a T-shirt! Its fun, its free, and damn, don't they look good?!

Recent News

Tuesday Oct 26th

Once again today the T shirts went quickly. Thus far just over 250 OUT T-shirts have been created!

For those of you who would still like to make a shirt, we will be on Proctor terrace from 12-2pm tomorrow with spray paint. Though we don't have any more T-shirts to give away, please feel free to bring your own T shirt

Tomorrow is Midd OUT Day! Remember to wear your shirt!